Welcome to the Currently Nameless Blog of Brian McKay!

My name is Brian McKay, and this is my blog. It currently has no name, but I still wanted to blog. The name should be chosen soon.

What is the blog? It used to be more specifically a Christian blog: me using my life stories and relating them to concepts from the Bible. Now, it has kind of shifted to me just thinking out loud. Make no mistake, there's still a Christian angle to the blog. It's just that I realized that I am not in a place to teach people. I can only talk about what I'm going through. It's like when bands say they're "not a Christian band, but a band of Christians." It's not a Christian blog, but it's a blog by a Christian. 

The blog has gone through various names. It started out as Memoirs of a Lyle (Lyle is my nickname). I think I officially started it as a Google blog in 2010, but I never used it. My junior year of college (2014), I decided to actually start blogging. I thought I might get in trouble because my title was close to the movie/book Memoirs of a Geisha (intentionally so). That was probably an unfounded worry, but I decided to change the name. 

Thus, Never Turn Down Ice Cream was born. I used this name from March to September 2014. Then I stopped blogging for a while. In 2015, I changed the name to Reactively Proactive (I thought it was witty). I also wrote blog posts for The Back Row

Eventually, I went back to Never Turn Down Ice Cream. But I'm kind of feeling over it. So, I have to figure that out.