About Me


My name is Brian McKay, and I'm 24 years old. I graduated from Penn State Erie, the Behrend College with a degree in Communication. I like working with web design, podcasting/radio, blogging, and some graphic design.

I'm a very mixed up person. I'm a Christian. I'm a sinner. I'm smart. I'm lazy. I love people. I hate people. You get the idea. 

My life as a Christian has been a mixed bag (mostly negative). That sounds bad, and it probably is. The problem is that I have no balance. There is a big idea in the Christian world of "all or nothing." Either you live all for God, or you shouldn't at all. And I feel like that's more theoretical than practical. I tend towards the "all," and it makes life incredibly stressful. I know I need God's help. I just don't want to try so hard anymore. 

Me and my family in Cincinnati.
Me and my family in Akron

I'm extremely close with my family. My brother and sister are my best friends, and when we are all together, it can get strange. Poorly made music videos come to mind...Anyway, we do crazy things. Like karaoke. And Dairy Queen runs. And making movies using Microsoft Paint.

I also have the coolest group of friends ever. I met most of them in college. Most of them are Christians as well, which is awesome. In the past two years, I've been to five weddings for my friends. Here's a picture of us at my friend Brett's wedding.

Me posing awesomely with my friends.
Me posing awesomely with my friends.

I hope you enjoy this site, because I've enjoyed making it.