Asd;lfkjaeporijojfpou, or, The Way to Express Multiple Emotions at Once

Never Turn Down Ice Cream

March 13th, 2014Posted by Brian


As I sit here on my couch, I am a mixture of feelings.  On one hand, I’m super pumped, because my brotha (from the same motha – and fatha) is supposed to come in for the weekend.  This is fantastic.  We can all play video games and maybe see the LEGO Movie (at 10 pm).  You could almost say I live for these weekends…

Juicy Contradiction

Never Turn Down Ice Cream

March 4th, 2014Posted by Brian


I’ve come to a conclusion.

I am very much like a Starburst…a juicy contradiction (you know, from those commercials they did?).

I embrace the fact that I’m awkward.  I don’t like talking to people I don’t know.  I fumble with what I’m trying to say frequently on my radio show.  That’s alright.  In fact, I sometimes thrive on being weird.

At the same time, I hate being awkward.  If people I know are fighting, then I don’t want…