I Get Excited About the Resurrection

Never Turn Down Ice Cream

April 19th, 2014Posted by Brian


Have you ever thought about the Resurrection of Christ and what it entails?  1 Corinthians 15 gives a beautiful picture.  It’s fantastic!  Paul takes about all the people that saw Christ after His resurrection.  He mentions Cephas (Peter), the disciples, a group of 500 people, James (I believe that he means the brother of Jesus), and Paul himself (15:5-8).  Some question this, but think…

This Post Has No Point

Never Turn Down Ice Cream

April 17th, 2014Posted by Brian


I really want to do something right now.

I’m not really sure what, though.  I could work on the site.  I could work on my client’s site.  I could work on my magazine project.  These are all school-related things that I could do right now.

I Think I'm Overthinking, But I Can't Be Sure

Never Turn Down Ice Cream

April 1st, 2014Posted by Brian


So, I have a big problem.  I overthink a lot. 

Not about everything.  If I want ice cream (which you should never turn down), I eat ice cream (provided I have some).  It’s mainly about spiritual things.  How did it start? I didn’t want to do anything that dishonored God.  That’s a noble goal, and one…