Don’t Get Played By Music: The Dangers of Buying Stuff

Never Turn Down Ice Cream

May 15th, 2014Posted by Brian


I really like to buy music. 

Like…a lot.  If I could spend an unlimited amount of money on something, it would be music.

Let’s list off some of the CDs I’ve bought.  Some Bebo Norman, a couple Aaron Shust, a Rush of Fools, a…

Why Noses Are Underrated: The Day I Went For a Walk

Never Turn Down Ice Cream

May 9th, 2014Posted by Brian


Today’s the last day of the semester.  The only reason I’m even at school is to take a final later.  I didn’t really study yesterday, so I figured I should come in early to get prepared.  When I say ‘early’, I mean 6:15 a.m.  The time when no one is really walking around campus.  Most days, I would have just gone to my hidey-hole in…