Death of a Dishwasher: What I Learned From a Summer Around Dirty Food

Never Turn Down Ice Cream

July 23rd, 2014Posted by Brian


It doesn’t seem like that long ago. I had just started at Panos', a restaurant near my home, as a dishwasher. I wrote about some of the things that I had learned about entitlement.

Well, my two months are up (on Friday). I’m almost done with this job. Am I…

Adventures in Akron: A History

Never Turn Down Ice Cream

July 16th, 2014Posted by Brian


Were you to ask someone what their favorite vacation spot is, you probably would not hear Akron. But I am here to tell you that one of my favorite places to visit is, in fact, Akron, Ohio.

It's not like I've never gone to a big city. I've been to Chicago, Baltimore, and DC.…

I Know I'm Overthinking, And I Can't Stand It

Never Turn Down Ice Cream

July 9th, 2014Posted by Brian


I want to scream.  I want to run.  I want to dance to techno music.  I want to play the drums really really hard (and I don’t really play the drums).  Basically, I want to get rid of all the anxiety I’m feeling, no matter how weird the method.

This is what happens when…

I Don't Like Politics, or, Insulting People Is Wrong

Never Turn Down Ice Cream

July 2nd, 2014Posted by Brian


I don’t like politics.

If you’ve ever seen my Facebook or my Twitter pages, you’ll notice that I rarely talk about it.  I prefer to talk about God, sports, and random things that pop into my mind.  I hate that people in government (and by extension, people on Facebook who talk about government) can’t…