An Ode to Dobbins (Part 1)

Never Turn Down Ice Cream

May 27th, 2015Posted by Brian


This post is a little late. After all, I graduated from college three weeks ago. By extension, I left my job three weeks ago too. My job at Dobbins Dining Hall (conveniently located at Penn State Behrend) lasted three school years. I thought it only fitting, as I left my job, to write about my time there. I was going to do that on…

The Case of the Blind Date: An Investigative Report

The Back Row

May 13th, 2015Posted by Brian


Originally published at The Back Row

It all started a few months before I graduated from college.

My friends and I were talking about my relationship failures (you know, if I actually had any relationship to let fail).

Anyway, we got on the topic of dating, and they told me that they had a friend who might be interested in me. Eventually, their friend and I agreed to a blind date.

This was awesome! Finally, I had a date!…