Like It's the Only One You've Got

Never Turn Down Ice Cream

October 27th, 2015Posted by Brian


For those of you who don't know, I maintain a playlist called "Excellent Christian Music." Obviously, all of the songs on the list are done by Christian artists (or at least artists who are Christians). For the first time ever, I added a song by a band who is, as far as I know, not Christian. The song? "It's the Only One You've Got," by…

Yearbooks Make Me Nostalgic (And Apparently Goal-Oriented)

Never Turn Down Ice Cream

October 6th, 2015Posted by Brian


This post is dedicated to the original homeroom table (Taylor, Andrea, and Colin), the second homeroom table (John and Jared), the rest of Homeroom 17, and everyone who made high school the best time of my life. 

I had to take the dog out today (fascinating stuff), so I waited on the back porch for her to finish. While I was out there, I saw one of my sister's old high school…

An Ode to Dobbins (Part 1)

Never Turn Down Ice Cream

May 27th, 2015Posted by Brian


This post is a little late. After all, I graduated from college three weeks ago. By extension, I left my job three weeks ago too. My job at Dobbins Dining Hall (conveniently located at Penn State Behrend) lasted three school years. I thought it only fitting, as I left my job, to write about my time there. I was going to do that on…

This Is Why We're Single

Never Turn Down Ice Cream

September 30th, 2014Posted by Brian


I’m going to be flat out honest.  I’m almost 21 and I’ve never had a girlfriend (like, a real one.  Not a preschool/elementary school one).  I’ve never gone on a date (though I have tried).

It’s not a good track record, I’ll admit.