Don’t Get Played By Music: The Dangers of Buying Stuff

Never Turn Down Ice Cream

May 15th, 2014Posted by Brian

I really like to buy music. 

Like…a lot.  If I could spend an unlimited amount of money on something, it would be music.

Let’s list off some of the CDs I’ve bought.  Some Bebo Norman, a couple Aaron Shust, a Rush of Fools, a MercyMe, a Mikeschair, and so on (wow, that sentence was grammatically…odd).

This large number of CDs would be okay…if I had an unlimited amount of money.

The good thing, though, is that I see the problem. I can’t keep doing this.  Right now, it’s CDs.  But do you know how easily it could become something more expensive?

What am I doing to prevent music-based catastrophes?  Cutting off my access to Amazon, for one.  Getting rid of everything on my Amazon Wish List (I figure it can’t help to be constantly reminded of CDs I want), for another. 

I’m also praying.  I might want to buy a CD tomorrow, and I really don’t want that.  As much as I love buying music, I want to hold that love in check.  So, I’m praying for the strength to resist. 

For me, it’s music.  Most people have things that they love and are willing to spend money on.  If you’re having trouble with something, follow my lead.  Pray about it.  Do something about it.  We can’t just sit here and let STUFF mess with us.

We gotta take that stuff down!

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