Why Noses Are Underrated: The Day I Went For a Walk

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May 9th, 2014Posted by Brian

Today’s the last day of the semester.  The only reason I’m even at school is to take a final later.  I didn’t really study yesterday, so I figured I should come in early to get prepared.  When I say ‘early’, I mean 6:15 a.m.  The time when no one is really walking around campus.  Most days, I would have just gone to my hidey-hole in the Humanities Building (Kochel, for those of you who are Behrend-ites) and waited for the editing booths to unlock at 7 (I live in there).

Today, however, as I walked over to Kochel, I stopped.  The sun was actually coming up, so it was rather bright (well, for that time of the day, at least).  It was about 70 degrees, which almost never happens.  Plus, Behrend is almost in the country, so it has the country dawn/dusk smell.  You know what I mean.  The smell of the woods and the dew and all that country-ish stuff. 

So, I took a walk.  I slowly went around the campus, specifically the parts with trees.  I tried to take in the serenity (I saw literally no one until the end of my walk).  I tried to take in the smells.  ‘Tried’ is a good word, since my nose seems always to be stuffy. 

This is where the title comes into play.  Noses are underrated.  I just smelled (what I could of) the woods and though about how nice it was.  I thought about the semester and started thanking God. 

I had received all my grades (besides the one for my final today), and I was really happy with them.  I was really happy with the semester, in actuality.  It was pretty low-key (you know, once I dropped that one awful class).

I thought about the fact that it was almost Memorial Day, which meant a family picnic in the country.  I looked forward to the smell of the woods again.

As I sit typing, I think of how happy I am that today is today.  At 12 pm, I will have no papers to write, no finals to take, and nothing really pressing to do for school.  And I am so looking forward to it.

You never realize how peaceful life can be until you have a hectic week (or whatever time period applies to you).  Within two weeks, my grandma became sick and passed away.  Time went so fast.  Those days were exhausting.

To think that now, I don’t really have anything to do, and that I can just go for a walk is amazing.  Never take that for granted.

And never take your nose for granted, either.

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