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August 10th, 2016Posted by Brian

The image itself

The Meaning

"This Week the Trend" by Relient K is a song that I've often overlooked. I've been a fan of Relient K since 2007. I've owned the CD MMHMM since then as well. However, among all the awesome songs from that CD ("Be My Escape," "Which to Bury," "When I Go Down," etc.), I always just passed this one by. 

The lyrics are great. The narrator sings about wasting his life, dealing with problems, and wishing that something, anything, would happen to him (even if it's bad). As with most of Relient K's songs, you can't always tell if they're talking about God or just life in general. But I relate to this song for the lyrics presented here (along with some more). 

I've often thought that, as a Christian, if I just had the answer to my problems, I would be fine. Well, too often, God has already given an answer in the Bible, or it's just me being weird. So when I hear the lyrics about asking God for a solution, getting the solution, and losing the solution, I totally get it. 

All too often as Christians, we try to figure everything out on our own. We are "absolutely sure [we] had it all figured out, way back then, but after this moment it's this week all over again." Life gets so repetitive when we try to figure it out on our own. It gets boring, it gets maddening, and it gets crazy. 

The Design

Whenever I make one of these images, I like to use Kimberly Geswein's fonts

They're free to use non-commercially, and they're really creative. For the first level of lyrics ("So I Say...," "Then You Gave..."), I used the font "All of Me." I really just like the look of this font. For the majority of the lyrics, I used the font "Bless

 Your Heart." The more I looked at it, I realized that the font was designed to look like Relient K's font. Their CD MMHMM uses a very similar font. It seemed perfect for the image. It's creative, 
and it's bold enough to stand out and make the point of the lyrics pop. 

For the background, I was just going to use a nice color or a gradient. Then I thought about using the background from MMHMM. I deleted the words and the flower from the image, and there it was. I changed the font color to one of the blues in the CD cover. Full disclosure, I have no rights to this background. I don't own it. But I did send the image to Relient K, and I got a like (not to brag). 

So, maybe that legitimizes it. Anyway, I hope you all like it!

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