Surrender Is Confusing

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January 13th, 2016Posted by Brian

​Surrender is confusing to me. I get that I should be surrendered fully to God. But what does that mean?

One of my biggest problems is that I'm a micromanaging overthinker. I focus on minute details of my life and question whether I'm dealing with them correctly.

So that's what I mean by my question. I know a lot of people who seem to be living in surrender to God (or at least trying). I feel like there will always be an area that I struggle with that needs surrendered...but I can't be sure. How much of my struggle is just me being me? I see so many people who are just living life, with everything seemingly together. I know it's not that simple, but it often leads me to wonder: How much of my problems come from me being a micromanager, and how many are genuine problems? Am I thinking too much about the "problem," or is it something I legitimately need to deal with?

I'm always worried that I'll surrender too much. That sounds weird, but I'm worried that I'll spend too much time waiting on God for answers to questions that I don't really need to be asking.

I guess that's why we have the Bible, but that's another issue for me: Micromanaging everything leads to always being unsure about everything, even if my Bible studying seems to lead to an answer.

This isn't meant to be a post with a definite answer. This is just me talking, trying to voice what I'm dealing with. I think the general conclusion that I've reached is just to trust God. He will help me, even when I'm really confused. I'm not entirely sure how, but I believe it.

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